Shade Canopy

Shade canopies offer the simplest design and are great for areas without a lot of available ground space. The single middle post can sometimes obstruct sight lines more so than other options, but they are an ideal solution for those needing to shade a single area on a tight budget.

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Cantilever Shade

A cantilever shade is the most universal and can fit anywhere. Its off-center post design leaves more open space underneath and column obstruction is virtually non-existent. A cantilever shade offers a low profile with posts in the back of the structure and the canopy supported by suspension braces underneath.

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Hip Shade Structure

Hip shade structures are very popular and a great choice when needing to shade both large and small areas. Hip shades are very stable and offer a clean roofline that can either be slanted or straight across. The slanted roofline offers protection from sun. Hips shades are available in Individual Hips, Multi-Panel Hips and Jointed/Extended Hips. The outer post support for hip shades come with the option of two or four support columns.

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Multi-Panel Shade Structures

For the most eye-catching design, multi-panel shade structures are a great option. They are aesthetically pleasing because they use a variety of different fabrics and materials to create a unique look. The six-post structures feature panels that can also vary in color, making the design even more visually appealing. Multi-panel structures are typically hexagon or octagon shaped and best suited for large, round areas. Multi-panel shade structures are great for offering sun and heat protection and the separation between panels will let light through.

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Shade Sails

Shade sails are another stunning and visually appealing option to sun and heat protection. Typically seen in three- or four-post designs with each column a differing height, shade sails often resemble a sail on a boat. They work as a standalone structure, can be layered together in groups, or configured as multiple structures.

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Integrated Shade

Integrated shade is ideal for keeping kids cool while playing on playground equipment. Integrated shade structures are critical for outdoor play helping to protect children and playground equipment from the intense sun. Integrated shade leverages posts from the playground equipment and reduces the overall space requirements.

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Custom Shapes

Custom shade shapes can create a unique design esthetic and innovative look to any project. Our team of experts can design and build any custom shade shapes, size, configuration or attachment method that meets your project requirements. We can create the ideal custom solution to fit the unique requirements of your environment.

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