Oil Tank

An oil storage tank is a container or reservoir that temporarily holds oil in the various stages of processing into other oil products, or before it is used or consumed. Based on location, oil storage tanks may be classified as surface or above ground, semi subterranean and subterranean or underground tanks.


We have a solution for Lube oil storage issues with the efficient and structured Lube Oil Tanks for both commercial and domestic applications. As we give prior importance to quality, productivity and sustainability, Dasco has developed advanced processing tanks and oil storage tanks for the better ecological balance.Our Lube Oil tanks are economical with high grade and competitive design.

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Dasco International supplies safe, dependable and innovative fuel storage option with the advent of aviation fuel tanks. Though each tank has been made with keen attention into detail, when it comes to the case of Aviation Fuel Tanks, we cannot take the chances. Each tank has been made out of finding advanced solutions to the customer requirements and it plays a vital role in the storage of Aviation Fuel Tanks.

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We have a wide variety of Petrol storage tanks that are efficient and reliable in the industry according to the application. Though Petrol is a combustible substance and it has fatal power, Dasco takes the risk of supplying Storage Tanks in keeping with the customer requisites with utmost care and importance. Manufacturing and distribution of Petroleum products’ storage options may require diverse types and sizes of tanks. But Dasco covers your needs by getting right option of storage tanks for Petrochemical industry.

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ABOVE GROUND FUEL TANKS UL-142 Dasco furnishes Carbon steel, Stainless steel Fuel Tanks with either single wall or double wall in accordance with the necessity of the customer, based on whether the liquid fuel is “combustible” or “flammable” as assessed by the Fuel flash Point. It can be vertical or horizontal else square tanks and it ranges in size and complexity. All tanks are manufactured in compliance with ASME VIII. Div. 1 and additional special certifications like UL-142 can be carried out against customer’s demand. UNDER GROUND FUEL TANKS UL – 58 Underwriter Laboratories (UL) - 58 covers Single wall or double wall and carbon steel tanks provided with greater structural strength and product compatibility. We have designed them to withstand the complications of the underground environs and they are used for storage application of Petroleum products or other dangerous liquids. These tanks are mainly used for Fire- fighting systems, Irrigation systems, Service stations, fuel stations, storage of Aircraft and ship fuels, etc. with the help of leakage monitoring systems.

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A chemical storage tank is a high-quality storage container that is used by various industries to store different types of chemical compounds. They come in various shapes, cylindrical horizontal cylindrical vertical and square. You can find a variety of chemical tanks or process tanks with DASCO, An industrial chemical storage tank is an important storage system for aggressive chemicals. Because chemicals are corrosive in nature, they require a safe storage facility. The very first feature of a stainless steel chemical tank is that it looks nice! They are also quite reliable and are hence used in multiple industries. You can store diesel fuel, gasoline, acids, and other chemicals in them. It can be used in the oil industry. Here are some advantages of stainless steel chemical storage tanks: Can be used in high pressure, high volume, and high temperature Can resist corrosion and protect against puncture They are also known to be hygienic

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DASCO fuel storage tanks are a secure, safe and cost-effective way of storing fuel onsite. fuel storage tank is manufactured to a rectangular or cylindrical shape in most popular sizes (Litres or Gallons), although we can manufacture to almost any size or shape if required. If you are considering storing fuel on-site, or need a diesel dispensing tank, then look no further than us at DASCO. We have many years’ experience in providing the right custom fuel tanks at the right price, specified with the correct equipment for your needs. The Fuel Tank range is available from 100 to 100000 litres with a number of specification options and intelligent tank monitoring systems to suit all agricultural, construction, mining and transportation requirements. All DASCO tanks are double or single skinned for environmental protection and to DASCO against contamination. The tanks are fitted with a lockable cabinet providing security for internal equipment. Features & benefits The complete fuel system included. Double skin or single skin construction Tank Monitoring systems Pump options: 56 L/min,72L/min Secure fuel storage and efficient dispensing Ready to use. Complete control over your fuel levels Ease of Use: Easy to lift through integrated lifting points and forklift pockets. Constructed according to uae regulations. portable type.

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