Fence And Gates

Chain Link Fence Steel Cantilever Slide Gate Kits

Hoover Fence Company's Manual Chain Link Cantilever Gate Kits are designed to provide all the necessary pieces and parts for you to install a high quality sliding gate to secure driveways or other single openings up to 25' wide. If you have a larger opening to secure, you can utilize two kits (with minor modification) to secure an opening up to 50' wide! Our cantilever gates are designed to work and preform reliably for years to come.

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Commercial Chain Link

Available in many different heights, gauges, colors, and coatings, chain link fences can be coated in metallic or vinyl/polymer. Metallic-coated fences can be purchased/specified in galvanized, aluminized, Galfan, and Galvinal coatings, while the vinyl/polymer coatings can be green, brown, or black.

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Chain Link Fence Slats, Inserts & Privacy Tape

Privacy Slats for Chain Link Fences. Description: Fence slats are flat tubular plastic extrusions which are inserted into any type of chain link fencing to add beauty and privacy to both sides of fence. Once installed, Fence slats are virtually maintenance free.

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Agricultural Fencing

Fencing can be used to keep animals in and out or protect land or crops from predators and trespassers. Adding or changing agricultural fencing around a property can seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning and the right tools, you can protect your land and your animals with an efficient, useful fence.

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Ornamental Aluminum Fencing,

Select styles and heights of Aluminum Fencing feature a flush bottom rail or “drop rail.” This allows a panel to meet code regulations by increasing the distance between rails while maintaining a desired height. Pool codes not only vary by state, but also by locality. Be sure to check the codes in your area.

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Ornamental Steel Fencing,

Steel Ornamental Fencing is the classic “wrought iron” fence, now modernized with new technology. Steel Ornamental fencing provides strength, security, durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance that is perfect for residential, commercial, industrial and high security properties. Master Halco’s selection of Steel Ornamental covers the full price range from affordable residential to architectural, high security fencing. Regardless of your steel ornamental fencing needs, we have the product to meet your needs.

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Gate Hinges & Latches

we specialise in making sure things move efficiently, safely, and conveniently. That might sound vague, but that's only because we cover such a wide range of products! If you need to carry a bunch of things from one place to another, we manufacture and sell warehouse trolleys, wheelbarrows, carts, and roll cages. If you need to move homes and keep your furniture and whiteware safe, we offer moving blankets that absorb impact and prevent dents and other damage. If you need to move something big, heavy, and annoying, we design some of the best wheels and castors in all of Saudi Arabia.

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Ornamental Gates Custom,

Iron Works can design and custom-build the perfect entry or access gate for your needs. We offer a wide range of iron types for gate construction, and can finish your gate in an unlimited selection of custom-color powder coat finishes, so that the color of your gate coordinates beautifully with your home or business's decor.

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Wrought Iron fence,

A wrought iron fence is comprised of vertical and horizontal members. Vertical members, also known as spires, are the vertical components of the fence. They are usually spaced about six inches apart and are often topped with ornamental pieces called finials. Scrolls are another form of spire decoration.

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