Porta Cabin

We currently live in a period where our options for available space are limited, and building a home for yourself or your loved ones seems to be a difficult endeavour that requires a significant investment of time and space in addition to money.
As a result, porta cabins are the way of the future in these circumstances. They are an all-in-one solution to all of your residential and commercial space problems because they not only give you the freedom to move them as you please, but they are also roomy and give you more features while taking up less room.
Hence, if you're searching for porta cabins in Pakistan that are not only strong but also beautiful, go no further since Al Sadiq Services is offering you the best features that will astound you.
Because to their portability, porta cabins are now widely used for everything from office cabins to storage spaces, conference staff lodging locations, to hospitals or schools in remote locations.

Office Containers

The Office Container, at around 12 m2, offers a heated, insulated office, storage, or break room space with lights. Lights, outlets, windows, ventilation, and good thermal insulation that is suited for year-round operation are all included as standard equipment for the container.

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Portable Cabins

A portable, demountable or movable structure is a structure designed and developed to be movable rather than permanently located.

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Security Cabins

An enclosed area known as a security cabin is frequently utilised as a store, a residence for a security officer, or for other uses. It offers shelter from the elements—sun, rain, and cold. These cabins are constructed from a variety of materials, including mild steel, wood, FRP, and PVC.

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Storage Container

Storage container means a container in which sealed sources are secured and stored.

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Bunk Houses

Bunk houses We offer bunk houses for purchase. Without the requirement for individual rooms, it is a style of house that may accommodate a huge number of occupants. When big groups of men live together while working in industries like mining and construction, bunk houses are frequently employed.

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Toll Booths

Toll booths are also known for other terms like toll houses, toll stations, toll gates, and toll barriers. A toll booth is where the driver must stop to pay before going any further on the national/state highway.

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Mobile Restaurant

Mobile restaurant means a restaurant operating from a movable vehicle, pushcart, trailer or boat which periodically or continuously changes location and wherein meals or lunches are prepared or served or sold to the general public, excepting those vehicles used in delivery of preordered meals or lunches

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Portable Building

Portable building means any building or vehicle designed with running gear permanently attached for transportation on the public streets and highways under its own power or towed behind another vehicle, arriving at the site, substantially ready for use, whether for residential, office, commercial or manufacturing use.

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